Kindle (part 3)


The Kindle is an electronic book-reader from Amazon. It has a place for certain tasks on a boat.

Continuing on from the second page written some 5 years ago, the latest information and links we have are presented on this page. There was also a first page page written some 10 years ago.

Our Kindles continue to accumulate ebooks, whether they are novels and other recreational reading, cook books, reference books or manuals. We have no upgraded to backlit models of the Kindle – they make the devices just that much more versatile. An example, is crawling into the engine room with a backlit diagram of what you are trouble shooting.

Each Kindle is “registered” with a specific Amazon site – such as or or There are daily, monthly and seasonal promotions on eBooks run by Amazon for its Kindle eBook readers. Here are the promotion pages for the site:

  • Kindle Daily Deal– usually 3 or 4 books marked down to 99p for 24 hours, starting at about 2 AM UK time, sometimes there are up to 5 books
    – sometimes has an author (e.g. Agatha Christie) who is sponsored for 24 hours.
  • 60 Kindle Books Discounted to £1 Each
    – this list renews on the 14th of each month
  • Kindle Monthly Deals
    – this runs from the 1st to the last day of the month
  • New Year, New You
    – a seasonal promotion
    – the bottom of the page says this is on offer from the 1st to the last day of the month
    – possibly/probably it will be re-used for something else in subsequent months
  • 12 Days of Kindle
    – this one is only for the holiday season, starting about the 22nd of each December

  • part of the move to backlit models meant losing the ability to play MP3 music files, as well as the picture viewer. So now to view a picture it must be part of a eBook where as on the earlier models JPG files could be copied onto the Kindle

After multiple years our Kindles are still serving well. The inability to create collections within collections is still one of the major limitations.

  • see links to promotional offers above in article
  • Project Gutenburg for thousands of free ebooks

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