WordPress Migration


When we bought our first boat and starting gleaning knowledge from more experienced boat owners we decided to set up a web site to share and publish that information.

The Maringret website had to move sites after its host was sold to new owners. A search for a new host lead to WordPress. This document describes the differences between WordPress and “regular” website hosts.

Two Different Options

There are significant differences between WordPress and other website hosts. Most of this information is available online but when we found the different pieces that completed the puzzle were in different places and presumably by different authors. With this document we hope to collect the varius documents and add what we learned from our conversion process. It would have been better had we had all the pieces at the outset instead of collecting them as we went through the migration.

First there are two WordPresses: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. They are very similar but still have some significant differences. There is a suite of software that is WordPress, it is then released in the two different formats:

  • WordPress.org
    – offers the software for download but in order to use it you must be able to run your own IP server or have an account at an IP host who is willing to run the software for you (and potentially others). Most likely you will have paid account with the host company.
  • WordPress.com
    – hosts the software so you can use that software on the website wordpress.com. You pay nothing and your file storage and hosting are provided by WordPress.com.

It probably sound like a no-brainer so far but there is a catch. Some of the software is inoperative on the WordPress.com site (i.e.the free-of-charge site). The biggest difference is the inability to use plug-ins on WordPress.com. Plug-ins are a programming concept used to extend and/or modify the behaviour of the WordPress code. When you go looking for a solution to your problems on the internet you will often find the solution as a plug-in. It took us some time to realise that as users of WordPress.com we could not use plug-ins and so the solutions were of no use to us.

The following two articles describe the difference betwen WordPress.com and WordPress.org:

As we worked with WordPress.com, most of the rest of this page deals with that variant of WordPress.

File Uploads

Only certain file types can be uploaded to WordPress.com:

  • not all HTML syntax is supported
  • no meta-code is allowed
  • WordPress has themes which are outside of HTML and specific to WordPress
  • copying text versus hard wordwraps
  • file names may not include upper case letters

HTML Tables

HTML tables are not directly supported although the HTML code for tables can be pasted in from another HTML editor and it will usually work.


Keywords (as they are part of the meta code) are not supported, however it seems that most internet search engines now ignore them anyway due to abuse from various areas.

Hit Counter

Hit counters (i.e. the number of visits to a web site) don’t seem to be a straight forward thing on WordPress. They seem to be linked in with themes etc. We are still trying to figure this one out.

The migration to WordPress has proved to be more effort than anticipated due to non-standard handling of HTML.

We have another page, click here, on the history and tools of our website.

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