Maringret’s Ruins – Carian Trail


The Carian Trail (Karya Yolu) isn’t really a ancient site of any type. Rather it is a hiking trail running along the west coast of Turkey. We’ve included it with the site descriptions as it has both information and links to further information.

The Carian Trail (Karia Yolu in Turkish) opened in 2013. In all it is over 800 km with 150 km of that on the Loryma peninsula. That section of the trail on the Loryma passes by various of the ruins, and so we list some information on the trail here. The different websites lists a variety of pieces of information on the sites along the Carian Trail.

The Carian Trail covers 800 km of the west coast of Turkey. In part it passes by the ruins which this collection of web pages deals with. The logistics of hiking over 800 km are quite extensive and pose a test to most hikers. As the Carian Trail is marked with flashings of red and white paint on trees or rocks, it can be used to find various of the ruins – an example being Kastabos where the Carian Trail runs directly up to the ruins and then away by a different path.

Our use of the markings for the Carian Trail has been quite positive. Occasionally nature (or man) intervenes and some of the markings are absent (e.g.a tree that had the red and white markings is cut down and carried away as fire wood). But generally we have found the trial to be very well marked – and marked for both directions of travel.

Online Sources

  • official page for Carian Trail (English)
  • site on Carian Trail (Turkish)

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