Maringret’s Ruins – Hydas


Hydas/Hygassos was a fortified settlement of the Hellenistic period, the ruins of which lie on a mountain overlooking modern Selimiye Bay. Hydas seems to an alternative name for “Hygassos.” The ruins include  walls and fortifications from more than one time period. The ruins are rather expansive and indicate a large undertaking over a long period of time. The monumental tomb to the north of the ruins is possibly unrelated to Hydas but is 15 minutes walk from the exit of the trail and so is included on this page.

There does not appear to be much surviving background material. The Perseus database has no entries for “Hydas” or “Hydos”. It does have 2 entries for “Hygassos”. The Vici database lists “Hygassos” and returns “Hygassos” for a search on “Hydas”. Based on this we make the assumption that the two names refer to the same ancient site. Vici supplies a coordinate that corresponds to the site on the Carian Trail. Perseus has 2 references but they are rather weak:
– in the entry for “Kastabos”: “… dedication of the temple to Hemithea by a man of Hygassos; another inscription from the screen wall named the architects …”
– and in the entry for “Syrna”: “… located. The former identification of Bayir with the deme of Hygassos on the strength of an epitaph of husband and …”

We have used the name Hydas as that is how it is signposted on the Carian Trail.


Access to Site: by dolmuş from Marmaris
a destination of Turğut will stop near the start of the trail
a destination of Bozburun or Selimiye will pass near the trail end
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There are sites of at least 2 eras at this location:

  • a neolithic settlement site of which very little remains
  • a Byzantine/Ottoman fortification on the hill top – which may be be on top of an earlier construction

Additionally there is a monumental tomb located on the northern slopes under the hill top fortification.

Site Condition: 2 (out of 5)
Site Ambience: 4 (out of 5)
Site Access: 2 (out of 5)
Positional Accuracy: 4 (out of 5)
site rating definitions are here.

The setting for the ruins is striking. In approaching from the forestry road, outer walls are encountered until one breaks out onto the western defensive walls and is rewarded with a stunning view across the bay to Selimiye and along the Hisarönü gulf to the Datça peninsula. Continuing higher to the summit where the most extensive ruins lie gives a panorama view of the surrounding area, including part of the Bodrum peninsula to the north.

pictures by Maringret

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