Maringret’s Ruins – Kizkumu Kale Adasi


Very little information exists on this picturesque ruins of a castle on a fairy tale island in a popular bay. In fact even the island name is not consistent on maps, charts, or internet sites. We have chosen to refer to it as KizKumu castle on “Kizkumu Kalesi Adasi” (Turkish for Kizkumu Castle Island). Kizkumu (Turkish for “girl sand”) refers to a local myth which is recounted on Wikipedia.

There is little information on this castle. One source lists rumours that it was constructed by the Knights of St Johns when they were based at Rhodos, but then says that there are no definitive sources for that possibility.

Access to Site: by dolmuş from Marmaris
get off at Kizkumu/Orhaniye
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If one can get out to the island, there is a rather easy track up to the top. From there the views are quite rewarding.

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Positional Accuracy: 4 (out of 5)
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Kizkumu Kalesi Adasi is very easy to see, simply take the dolmuş from Marmaris. You can stand on the sidewalk and look at the island, the problem is getting to the island. In season there are rental boats – the kind  you paddle with your feet – that can be rented. Also there are kayaks for rental along the beach. But if you want a motorised boat to take you (and your party) over to the island then it might be a bit harder. There are daily tour boats running out of the Kizkumu docks but they generally have a full day tour and a lot of them simply go past the island without stopping.

On the island there is a dock on the southwest corner, also there is a rocky beach with a flat area on the west side of the island. Some black rabbits inhabit the island and there was once a billie goat living there but he seems to have left. The easiest path to the summit leads up from the flat area on the western side and meanders up to the right towards the summit.

picture from Wikipedia

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