Maringret’s Ruins – Knidos


Knidos commands an enviable location, sticking out into the waters where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean. It is at the end of the Datça peninsula which in turn extends from Anatolia proper.

The path of Knidos through history found it repeatedly as a centre of influence and power. It was a member of the Dorian Foundation (c. 1100 BC – c. 560 BC) which was a federation of six cities in southwest Asia Minor and the adjacent islands. It is assumed that inhabitation continued through the Byzantine period (c. 395 CE – c. 1453 CE) based on the number of ruins at the site from that era.

Access to Site: by dolmuş from Marmaris to Datça
ask for information on seasonal connections to the site at the Datça Tourist Office.
there are also commercial operators running from Marmaris to Knidos in season.
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The government museum system (Muze) has a good write up on Knidos.

Knidos has a uniqueness in Turkey – and possibly the world – in that boats can enter into the site, anchor, and go ashore to view the ruins. Nothing else quite compares with visiting this site by boat. Given that Knidos was an ocean based trading centre, it is interesting to sit in the southern harbour and contemplate exactly which other boats anchored there and when.

The alternate approach is by the paved road from Marmaris via Datça and Palamut. Entering by road quickly demonstrates how far inland the settlements extended – something that is not as noticeable when approached from the water. The security fence and entrance gate are actually in the middle of the ruins – although most of the ‘important’ bits are indeed within the fenced area. There is a parking area outside the gate for those who drive there.

There are showers, toilets and a restaurant within the enfenced area. The configuration of services seems to be slightly different each season. There is admission charged for this site – which is listed on the Muze website.

Site Condition: 3 (out of 5)
Site Ambience: 5 (out of 5)
Site Access: 3 (out of 5)
Positional Accuracy: 5 (out of 5)
site rating definitions are here.

There are 2 harbours, the south was listed as the commercial harbour while the north harbour was apparently the military harbour.

picture from Wikipedia

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