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It seems that everyone and their dog are writing websites that have either lovely pictures of their trips (leaving you to try and guess the names of the person who keeps popping up in every second snapshot), or serve as pilots for the areas. Given that their are enough of these websites already, and given that the
nature of this website seems to be contrarian with respect to other sailing websites, we decided to post information that would make a difference to people actually sailing there. Unusual customs or conventions, differences in buoyage, charting standards, prices associated with services, availability of parts and service. In the case of less traveled areas, such as the Baltic, we have given more detail as the availability of printed information (at least in English) is somewhat limited. As we have come to increasingly depend on the Internet for both communication and weather information we have tried to list where we found internet access in our visited harbours – especially those facilities that allowed diskettes to be used so that GRIB weather files and others could be downloaded and brought back to the boat.

Summer 2000 Baltic Logs

As our primary intention was to cruise the Baltic we didn’t really loiter on the way up from Essex, England. Consequently for each of the countries in the first leg we provide a general description, comments on the buoyage and notes on the charts we used. The more detailed information is primarily on the Baltic

Summer 2001 & Spring 2002 Norwegian Cruising Notes

As Maringret carried on from her Baltic voyage of 2000 we decided to continue keeping notes which might be of use to others contemplating the same route or part of it. This year’s notes are mainly to do with Norway.

Summer & Fall 2002 Norway-Portugal Cruising Notes

As Maringret carried on south from Norway to Portugal. Between Norway and Galicia Spain we were mainly covering miles aside from the lovely Northern Isles (Shetlands, Orkeney, Fair Isle).

Summer 2003 Cruising Notes

As Maringret entered the Western Mediterranean.

Summer 2012 Western Baltic Logs

As Maringret cruised the Western Baltic and Limfjord after almost a decade absence from the Baltic waters.

Summer 2013 German Canals, and Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers

Maringret’s long season crossing Europe via the inland waterways to the Black Sea and Turkey.

Cruising Notes
Baltic States (Balticum) Overview Denmark, Limfjord
Black Sea Overview Black Sea
Danube River Overview Danube River
English Channel Estonia
Finland France Inland Waterways (Mosel & Marne-Rhine Canal only)
Germany Coastal WatersInland Waterways Greece
Latvia Lithuania
Luxembourg Netherlands
Northern Isles (Shetlands, Orkneys, Fair Isle) Norway
Poland Portugal
Spain: Galicia, Madrid, South Coast (Andalucia), Gibraltar, Balearics Sweden, Göta Canal

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