Bulgaria – Coastal Waters

Maringret had previously been in Bulgarian waters prior to entering Romania, consequently we re-entered Bulgaria upon leaving coastal Romania. Comments here are specific to coastal Bulgaria, we have another page, click here, on the inland waterways of Bulgaria.

Borders and Travel Permits

Bulgaria is in the EU but not in the Schengen Area so border formalities must be observed. We entered at Varna and exited at Tsarevo

Varna border control point
Depth: 3m
Air Draft: unlimited
Facilities: water, garbage, electricity, toilets, showers, food shopping nearby (Lidl)
Description: Immediately inside the breakwater to the north side.
Problems or Issues: none

There are two marinas in Sozopol, Marina Sozopol and Yacht Club Sozopol Marina which is directly behind Marina Sozopol. Both have pontoons with water and electricity. There are no other services at Yacht Club Sozopol Marina. The depictions of restaurants etc. on both web sites is a PhotoShop product.

Marina Sozopol
Depth: >2m
Air Draft: unlimited
Facilities: water, garbage, electricity, toilets, showers, food shopping, WiFi internet access, 24 hour security
Description: Marina Sozopol has hard standing available, a 20 tonne crane and some on site agencies for engines and brokerage as well as 24 hour security with gated access to the yard. Boats can be lifted out and left for the winter. Small shopping facilities are located
outside the gate but they may be seasonal as Sozopol is a seasonal tourist town.
Problems or Issues: Our 2011 Navionics chips showed neither marina and also did not show the extension to the breakwater.
Tsarevo border control point
Depth: >2m
Air Draft: unlimited
Facilities: unknown
Description: The southern most of Bulgarian ports of entry, all officials are conveniently located in one building and processed our exit in under 15 minutes.
Problems or Issues: Two locals wearing shirts with “Harbour Master” and “Port of Tsarevo” demand 20 euros “quay tax” for tying up to the quay for the purposes of completing exit formalities. They are worse than useless at mooring boats and are best avoided by anchoring off and taking the tender ashore until this situation is rectified. The dock is a concrete quay edged with steel as the government does not provide any temporary moorage space while the mandatory procedures are completed. A local boat owner referred to the pair as “the parasites of Tsarevo” and apologised profusely. He thought it an embarrasment for Bulgaria which it is. Notably the government officials did nothing to discourage this pair.

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