Romania – Coastal Waters

Maringret entered Romania on the Danube river. We transitioned to the coastal waters through the harbour of Constanta, without ever leaving the country, so there were no formalities. Comments here are specific to coastal Romania, we have another page, click here, on the inland waterways of Romania.

Constanta harbour
Depth: >2m
Air Draft: unlimited
Facilities: moorage only
Description: For sailing boats with masts down there is the option of remaining inside the main harbour until the sea subsides and the voyage to Port Tomis can be made. We were moored with the harbour tugs, other boats were told to moor immediately after the lock exit.
Constanta Port Tomis
Depth: >2m
Air Draft: unlimited
Facilities: WiFi (some of the time), diesel can be delivered, water, garbage, electricity, toilets, showers, food shopping nearby (Lidl), security for visiting boats is a bit haphazard
Description: A former fishing harbour with a new restaurant and pontoon development as of 2008 or so. Guest boats (both power and sail) seem to be directed to the old concrete quay and it appeared that the new pontoons (which have the security) are for local boats only.
Problems or Issues: The quay at the harbour office is silted up and sailing boats are directed to moor with the fishing boats on the old quay across the harbour. Security there is somewhat intermittent with Gypsy children around the boats until some local chases them away. We stepped our masts here and the harbour office will arrange a local crane. We needed him twice and the second time he was about 6 hours late; you must supply all auxillary lines, all he supplies is a grease impregnated sling that left a 30 cm grease smear on our mast and grease on our ropes which he insisted on using as he brings nothing to do the job other than his sling. There are other cranes but by choice the office seems to book the same one as we got. The WiFi signal is weak and intermittent. The office staff are quite unable to help with issues that cruising boats need such as food shopping, weather forecasts, cooking gas etc.

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