Crossing into Slovakia we started to come up against the heavy silting from the extreme floods of spring 2013. Various harbours were too shallow to enter and we had to seek alternate moorage. This route followed on from our Danube route and so we have not repeated the preamble about boat dimensions etc. here as they may be read on the Danube Overview page. Comments here are specific to the inland waterways of Slovakia.

Note: Comments are based on 2013 passages with very high water levels due to extreme rainfall and subsequently very high levels of siltation in harbours.

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Terminus Points: Devin, Komaron/Esztergom
Connections to:
Locks enroute:  1
Portion Covered:  km 1880 to km 1709
Problems or Issues:

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The Danube runs for 171 km across Slovakia. For the first portion it is only on the left bank, then both banks and finally on the right bank only prior to crossing into Hungary.

Sport Boat Hafen Bratislava Danube km 1865
Depth: <2m
Air Draft: unlimited
Problems or Issues: The harbour mouth was silted to below 2m when we were there.
City Harbour Bratislava Danube km 1867
Depth: >2m
Air Draft: unlimited
Facilities: garbage,  food shopping (Lidl)
Description: A harbour from Soviet days with old Soviet ships rusting away in it. The location is immediately adjacent to the downtown area.
Problems or Issues: The harbour Kapitan must be contacted to arrange moorage which may take some hours.

It seems that the Slovakian locks at Gabcikovo expect a reservation prior to sport boats showing up. Supposedly a €30 fine applied if you turn up with out 1 or more hours notice. The harbour should be able to make the reservation phone call for you.

Kamoren Danube km 1770
Depth: >2m
Air Draft: unlimited
Facilities: WiFi, diesel, water, garbage, electricity, toilets, showers, food shopping nearby (Lidl)
Description: A former industrial harbour from Soviet days with yacht pontoons at the far end. Town is easily accessible by walking downriver  and crossing the bridge near the entrance to the harbour. A large hyper-market is across the Danube bridge in Hungary as well as a large fort complex further up river.
Problems or Issues: none

Next river segment downriver – Hungary

  • Die Donau by Melanie Haselhorst & Kenneth Dittmann – guide to the Danube River from Kelheim Germany to the Black Sea. Referred to as “the pilot” on this page, we have full description of it here.
  • we have collected the links we found for the canals and rivers of Germany, eastern France and the Donau
  • some of our sources were online facilities which we list in Android for Sailing

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