Wintering Locations

Generally Maringret cruises 7 months of the year, with 4 to 5 months spent in a harbour or marina for the winter. This page is to capture the additional data for our wintering ports where we accumulate much more information due to our length of stay..

We attempt to keep our list of anchorages and moorages up to date. In the case of where we winter, with a lot more time spent there is a lot more information gathered. Also the winter is the maintenance season for sailing boats and so what we find is often related to boat maintenance. We’ve gathered our wintering locations here with the greater amounts of detail.

We’ve got the “chartlets” working for the wintering locations and now have to figure out how to present our KML/KMZ files which supply the location markers we’ve built up.

Note:  KML/KMZ is not looking too hopeful according to this post

Marina Lanke marina, Scharfe Lanka, Berlin, Germany

A friendly family run marina in Scharfe Lanke, Spandau, Berlin

Yalova marina, Istanbul, Turkey

A centrally located marina, outside of Istanbul proper but within easy access. There are no trains, the bus station (otogar) is located outside of town on the road to Bursa (which is the nearest biggest city in traveling time). The dolmuş terminal is immediately outside the entrance to the marina.200m to the east is the Ido ferry terminal where there are ferries to Pendik (Asian side of Istanbul) and Ataköy (European side of Istanbul). For airports, the international Ataturk airport is via Ataköy while the charter airport is via Pendik. The sanayi (industrial park) is near the otogar, on the Bursa road. For cross-country busses it is necessary to travel into Istanbul or out to Bursa.

Kuşadasi marina, Turkey

Kuşadasi is not really close to any major population centre. Due to it’s proximity to Ephesus it had a disproportionate amount of tourism. As the tourism is generally oriented around 1 or 2 days, it lends a transient nature to the town. Izmir (Turkey’s third largest city) is a bus ride away. The bus station (otogar) is located to the south of the city proper and it walkable from the marina. Another option for traveling to Izmir is to take the dolmuş to Selçuk where a train to Izmir begins. The sanayi (industrial park) is quite extensive and is located to the south of town, about 500km past the otogar, up the hill. There are dolmuşes from the marina to the sanayi.

A chandlery (Özbek Yacht Chandlery) is located towards town on the other side of the waterfront street, and 2 streets back, next to a campground. They can order anything from Marintek in Istanbul who are one of the main yacht suppliers for Turkey. A good centre to visit Ephesus, Pamukkale and other ruins in the area. Multiple businesses in boatyard, it may be best to have Turkish friends negotiate any prices for work as they will get about half price on quotes. When lifting out, staying out past the scheduled lift in date incurs a 25% penalty fee – even if the cause is the yard workers. Best tahini simits are available from Dildâde bakery, up hill above meyden, one street below expressway, on north side. Porkline food store has various frozen and dried imported foodstuffs. Dolmuş #1 from outside the marina runs to and from the sinayi (industrial park), where various industrial services are available. Prices are not very competitive there and are much lower in the Izmir sinayi. Being tourist based, Kuşadasi is missing a lot of services (e.g. no proper bicycle store).The marina had a makeover in 2014 and a lot of local businesses were thrown out of the marina in exchange for a trendy shopping mall on the southern side facing the street. So write ups on Setur Kuşadasi marina earlier than 2014 are describing a significantly different site.

Chalkoutsi, Oropos, Greece (60 km from Athens)

One of the nicest boat yards in Greece is located at Chalkoutsi, Oropos. That boat yard is Boat Club run by Sia and Petros. Maringret, sadly, did not stay there. Although we conducted all our social activities and boat work there and participated in the open and friendly atmosphere of Boat Club.

There is another boat club located nearby which is where we unfortunately had lifted out. Separated by a triple fence but miles apart…

We can really recommend Boat Club. Sia and Petros, along with their son-in-law Dimitris, run an outstandingly hospitable and enjoyable boat yard. We thoroughly enjoyed all the time we spent in their company. All persons requesting one are given a key to the front gate and so may come and go as they need. The clientele is multi-national and Sia and Petros are two of the most gracious hosts we have met. For dealing in the English language, Dimitri is fully fluent and very helpful in finding workers for the various maintenance tasks a boat requires. The common facilities are absolutely pristine.

Meanwhile, the neighbouring yard has curfews (of about 18:00 until 08:00), no keys are given out. So if the transport from Athens gets you in late (a rather common occurrence), you either go to a hotel for the night or break into the place (think barbed wire, guard dogs, etc.). The local Greek boats which lift out seem to be given keys to come and go as they wish. As for the common facilities, they are cleaned once a month whether they need it or not.

There’s not really any comparison where we would send our friends…

Boat Club is located slightly north of the village harbour and holds approximately 100 boats. Lift out is by sledge (i.e. trailer). A good but small food store in the village but little else, 9km to Oropos which has more variety, post office, banks (ATM). The yard clientele are repeat customers of many years, many of whom drive down, leave their cars for the summer and then drive home in the fall. Having the cars they tend to take all repairs home (even sails for cleaning) and so there really aren’t any yacht services available in the area – not even a chandlery. There is a bus approximately every 90 minutes for Athens – see next paragraph.

Chalkoutsi Busses
The busses are run by KTEL and their stop in Chalkoutsi is 60m south of the MarketIn food store, at the intersection where a road comes from up the hill (i.e. from the west) and has a T-intersection with the main road through the village. The property to the northwest of the corner is an empty lot with an old reddish BMW rusting in the middle. The schedule is the same for each day of the week. Regardless of the direction of travel, the busses will stop at this corner. The busses are old German or Dutch busses and are almost never painted with KTEL livery. Often they have an LED sign in the front window with “ΑΘΗΝΑ”. All busses to Athens will terminate and start at the Pedion Areos bus stop which is near Victoria Metro Station. Unless the police have closed the area to traffic (which happened about 25% of our trips to Athens). In that case the bus will take another route and have another termination point (often Kato Patisia metro station). There seems to be no central place to get such information. But if you arrive in Athens and notice the streets have no traffic and people are walking down the middle of 6-lane streets, then begin to suspect…

Note that not all busses pass through Chalkoutsi, some terminate in Oropos, some pass through, and some bypass most of the village, stopping only at the northern most extremity (near the MarketIn food store). Buying a ticket in Athens you will often be told that a bus which only stops near the MarketIn does not stop at Chalkoutsi and will not be sold a ticket. This is a case of the ticket seller not having a clue where the bus goes. There is a train station on the Athens (Piraeus) line which is about 12km from Chalkoutsi – there is no bus service and so a taxi must be used to and from the station. The closest city is Chalkida (at the bridge to Evia Island) but there is no transport running between Chalkoutsi and Chalkida (aside from the train which requires a taxi to and from it). There are no car or moped rental locations in Oropos (or Chalkoutsi).

Here is a description of chandleries in Piraeus area of Athens. There is a very good chandlery in Chalkida but there is no easy way to get there from Chalkoutsi.

Finike marina, Turkey

Finike is a great place to winter a boat – either afloat or ashore. when we were there there was no difference in the daily cost afloat versus ashore. There are 2 chandleries which are somewhat limited and seem to not stock the most simple of parts. Also they did not seem to be overly familiar with what boats need and how the parts they sell are used. We had mixed results in trying to order in parts through them. The weather patterns for Finike are very mild, both in temperature and winds. There is a large breakwater to the south of the marina which stops the southerly winter storms, while to the north there is no fetch and so very little problem from northerly weather. Finike is approximately 2.5 hours from Antalya to the east, and about 4 hours to Fethiye in the west. Finike is a very small town with little variety for shopping. The sanayi (industrial park) is behind the bus station (otogar) and is very small. Almost everything there is oriented to maintenance of cars. Kumluca to the east is larger and has a greater variety of stores and services.

The services provided on the hard standing are all from one company: Antalya Gemi – the services at Kaş marina are provided by the same company. The manager at Finike speaks English and is happy to help. We had some stainless work done and the quality was great. There is a chandlery on the road above the marina, nearby the Migros food store. Bayram Usta Pide is one of the best pide (Turkish pizza) restaurants in Finike.

We have attempted to provide a KML file for Finike here.

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