Finland [legacy]

Note: as this is a legacy page, we are no longer checking the links periodically. The information and links (if they still work) are here for interest only.

  • Customs and Immigration Formalities
    Clearing into Finland (and thereby the EC) is done on the island of ___ in the Helsinki harbour. A mooring dock is located inside a small harbour and both Customs and Immigration come down to the dock for the formalities. You are left with a document to show anyone if they ask whether you cleared into the EC. Having the clearance document from Tallinn sped things up as the information was simply transferred to the Finnish forms.
  • Money Matters
    No problems were encountered dealing money in Finland.


With the complex coastline of Finland it is well advised to use Finnish charts. We used a Russian chart to cross from Tallinn and the area covered by both it and the Finnish chart bore little resemblance to each other. In addition the Finnish buoyage does not conform to international standard although it is very thorough. The Finnish charts reflect these idiosyncrasies and make the job of navigation easier.


Helsinki has multiple marinas, perhaps the most convenient being the NHK marina on a small island in the main harbour. The large ferries and catamarans for Tallinn and Stockholm dock in the vicinity so there is much to watch. The marina has electricity and water on the pontoons and charges 55 Fin Marks per boat and 10 Fin Marks per crew member. A complimentary launch runs every 20 minutes to take you across to the city. A restaurant and bar are in the club house as well as laundry facilities and a sauna.

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