Germany – Coastal Waters [legacy]

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Coastal Waterways

We passed into German waters for the first time as we rounded the Island of Borkum and entered the North Sea from the Ems River. As we were on our way to the Baltic we didn’t linger and sightsee. The German buoyage can only be described as excellent, the combination of lighted fairway buoys, shore lights and cardinals really never leaves any doubt of where one is. Also the buoys are “industrial” size and during the day are easy to both spot and identify at a good distance. In our trip we were not to find such excellent buoyage everywhere (to our dismay). For the German Bight we used German Hydrographic charts which were very good. We did not bother with charts for the Kiel Canal as there aren’t really too many decision points. Exiting into the Baltic we used charts by Nautische Veröffentlichung Verlagsgesellschaft gmbH which weren’t as good as the government ones from Bundesamt für Seeschiffahrt und Hydrographie (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency) ( Whether the buoyage had changed or the chart not been updated we can’t say but the printing and correction date on the chart was 4 months prior to our using them. The one positive side to Nautische Veröffentlichung Verlagsgesellschaft gmbH charts is they include a CD-ROM with each chart pack but as we have not tried to use it we can’t report anything on them.

Our notes on mobile telephony in Germany are here.

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