System Logs

Along with the upgrades and the repairs and the maintenance, at the end of it all, there are some products that just don’t work for the purpose you intended.

We started upgrading our boats before the internet became an everyday, all-present reality. Back then there were magazine test reports, word of mouth and specialist published books. As the internet spread out we came to depend on it more for product research. In that style, we plan to put or own findings here for other to benefit by.

One of the first equipment logs we saw (in fact it was the first) was a sailing boat called Destiny Calls from Montreal. They made their way from the St Lawrence River down the eastern seaboard to the Caribbean. We took from them the idea of capturing equipment performance in system logs. Their link doesn’t work any more and it seems that website is gone but it was certainly enjoyable while it was there.

In case anyone can find it, the URL was
(‘w_w_w’ should of course read ‘www’)

We initially planned to update the System Logs every 12 months, but that never got done. What did get done was the first 3 logs – 12, 18 and 24 months.

Then we missed a big lot of system logs, right up until Maringret re-launched in fall 2011. And a further 6 years passed without any update. Of course different pieces of equipment were proving excellent, or not so excellent. We just didn’t get around to updating the pages.

So with so much water passing under the bridge, we created a simpler structure where we will just append at the end of a web-page in date-annotated fashion: what works (for us), and what didn’t.

All equipment is not created equally and some companies allocate more budget to advertising than they do to product research.

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