24 Month System Log

Continuing our report on products good and bad. Not much has failed while we were in harbour for the winter.

Porta-Bote Collapsible Boat

This spring we have been getting an outboard engine going on the Porta-Bote. When we took out the seats and other pieces that had been wrapped up inside for the winter they were spotted with rust. So much for marine grade stainless. If these people don’t think you are going to use their collapsible boat in the water – where do they think you are going to use it?

We’ve had to jigger around with the transom bracket for the outboard as the angle it is at allows the outboard to push directly against the transom of the boat. Obviously with a plastic boat this wears the boat not to mention vibrating it uncomfortably. We epoxied on a wedge of wood to change the anlge of the tramsom motor mount but don’t think we should have had to do this.

As we mentioned in our previous System Log, it doesn’t seem to be quite as indestructible as the manufacturer claimed and the magazines that reviewed it don’t seem to have done that thorough a job.

Nasa Instruments

We’ve now repaired our Nasa wind instrument and it seems to be working for now. Our paddle wheel log is not but we suspect this is due to heavy marine growth blocking it. And the depth sounder has just been topped up with oil so for now they are all working…

Volvo Shifter

After 25 years the original engine control in the cockpit is starting to seize up. We stripped it down, cleaned and lubricated it and reassembled. The main culprit is the small spring loaded pin in the center which puts keeps the transmission from going into gear. After 25 years in the elements this is not too bad though.

Mercury 3.3 HP engine

We’ve run in our new outboard engine and so far no problems. It is surprisingly noisy and vibrates more than we expected.

And that’s about it until our 30 month system log.

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