Ongoing System Log

Continuing our report on products good and bad.

We failed to publish updates on a regular basis and so have changed to this single page which we will list equipment reports annotated by date.

15 kg Spade Anchor

  • bought 2001
  • kept as spare until 2017
  • used as primary anchor on HR41, worked much better than the Bruce anchor it replaced in the sea-grass bottoms of the eastern Mediterranean

Orca Green LED Tri-Light

  • bought

Westerbeke 64a marine diesel engine

  • bought: 2006

Victron 120 Ah engine battery

  • bought
  • failed
  • manufacturer refused to stand behind warranty

Hayward Gas system

  • bought
  • excellent product

NASA Wireless Wind Instrument

  • bought 2017
  • 2018: functioned perfectly all year

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