What’s New


  • The internet is dynamic part 1:
    It is always changing. Many of the external links we used have disappeared: they may have been renamed or relocated on the same website, but the links we had recorded no longer work. Which is not to say they are not elsewhere on the internet. If we were unable to locate a new URL then where it seems appropriate, we have removed the old (broken) links and appended a message in square brackets “[Note: both of the preceding links are dead as of 2018 – w_w_w.missing.org]”. The latter part of the note has the text that used to make up the URL which is now missing. Persons wishing to look further will at least have the text that made up the old (broken) link to use for their searches. And the reason the missing website URL starts with “w_w_w” is so that WordPress doesn’t turn it back into a URL again.
  • The internet is dynamic part 2:
    We have listed various products (e.g. books, tools, supplies). Originally we tried to list those through the publisher’s or manufacturer’s website. However it seems that a lot of the companies have reorganised their sites and the old links no longer work. This costs us time as we must: a) find that a link is broken; b) find a replacement link; c) update the link and then test it.
    In our view this is wasted time on our part and so we have decided that when that happens we will  list the item on either Wikipedia or Amazon.com website – at least they don’t continually shuffle the website layout (at least not so far…)
  • there were a number of cruising notes pages that carried information that was 15 years old. They are still on the website but we have marked them as legacy pages.
  • updated our Cruising Notes for Turkey and Greece
  • repaired various broken links etc. – checked all links on all pages
  • added a page listing maintenance procedures or ‘tricks’ that we picked up
  • added a page to contain the system logs (which have fallen out of updating…)
  • added a page describing wintering locations we have used – they have much more information than our standard harbour descriptions


  • updated our Cruising Notes for Turkey and Greece






  • we got all the pages moved over from old web site, some anchor links may not work and some links may not work properly
  • some of this information is 10 years old, and that’s forever in computer technology, so we’ve decided to keep those articles but mark them as “[legacy]” as they are of interest in a historic sense…
  • first new content in a few years… Puff’s Pages although it was written 1 year ago and took this long to upload.


  • Germany-Rhine-Danube page created on WordPress – the first new content created on the new website (much more to come)


  • the Maringret website is finally moving to a new home…The menu system will be different on WordPress than on previous hosts, it now seems to be working as it will on WordPress. Some pages have been attached but are not fully converted of extended (e.g. all pictures need special conversion as part of the migration so no pictures are brought over yet)
  • the Maringret website had 3,000 visitors prior to moving to the new host (WordPress)


  • over the holiday season we have put together and uploaded pages on the following: (click here for the topic list)
    • teak deck removal, deck moisture and deck painting
    • galley, LED lighting, stove, refrigerator, gas system, plumbing
    • heater and day tank
    • aft companionway, aft grab rail extension, closing in the aft hatch
    • barbecue, bimini plans, sprayhood grab rail
    • hatches replacement, mainsheet track horse
    • AC electrical, DC electrical, batteries
    • anchoring system, dinghy
    • engine replacement (only took 4 years to write up!!!)
    • re-rigging, skeg repairs
    • Piff & Poof arrive
  • although not finished, the bulk of most articles are uploaded, some still require tables or pictures to finish things off
  • there are a couple of articles not started yet
  • some of the pictures can not be taken until the work is finally completed


  • yes indeed, how time flies!!!
  • 12 months later I am back trying to catch up the content, problem is we have been too busy working on the boat to get the website updated…


  • looks like it’s been slightly more than 5 years since this website was made current – how time flies!
  • started altering file organisation in preparation for adding new content pertenent to our HR41 projects


  • website host (Yahoo’s GeoCities) decided to give up nonpaid operation so we spent much time researching and undertaking relocation of website to 110mb.com


  • the links on the pages were verified and the dead ones removed


  • overhauled the main menu and our pages on projects to reflect buying our Hallberg-Rassy 41. The website is now a 2-boat website!







  • added links to this page as a quicker method to locate new material




  • updated cruising notes for Norway





  • spelled checked the documents (finally!)



  • added this “What’s New” page as changes seems to be ongoing here…



  • Seems to be some problems with the visitor counter, it appears to be incrementing by two for each page viewing (which while being more impressive, isn’t really all that accurate)


  • After over 1 month of work, replaced the old website with a frames based interface, consistent backgrounds and page layouts, both pop-up menu and button based navigation- old style website had registered 935 on the visitor counter (plus a couple hundred other visitors prior to the website moving to GeoCities)
  • Divided the website into 6 categories of information:Maxi 95 Information; information on Maringret; Articles on various topics to do with cruising; Links of interest for cruising; Cruising Notes which record points we learned in different cruising grounds; Miscellaneous items
  • Added “Articles” pages on computing afloat, weatherfax, email afloat, refrigeration research and FAQ, sailing books, maintaining a website while afloat
  • Updated our main page on Maringret with narrative of our refrigerator installation
  • Split the old “Sailing Links” page into pages for: weather, sailingcruising, food and provisioning, “cruising friends who have websites” (which was subsequently removed). All the old links were checked, dead ones dropped, changed ones updated and lots more added.
  • Updated the Palm PDA page, added a section on eTexts and related tools.
  • Added a website map page
  • Added a website summary page
  • Uploaded more pictures and reduced the pixel count of previously uploaded pictures to reduce download times (hopefully without noticeable degradation of viewing quality)
  • Have been some “bandwidth exceeded” messages from GeoCities server while all the above work was going on

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