Palm Pilot [2001 legacy version]

Note: as this is a legacy page, we are no longer checking the links periodically. The information and links (if they still work) are here for interest only.

Nautical Sites and Programs for the Palm

The excellent TideTool (freeware)
Astronavigation celestial navigation calculator, enter your sights and it will reduce them to your estimated position (shareware for sun sights only, payware for all planets and stars)
Star-Pilot family of products for Palm based astronomy. This package draws the sky based on your time and position, clicking on an object will identify that object (star, planet, etc.) (both shareware and payware versions)
Sun Compass calculates north based on the sun’s position relative to your position and time, also has sun rise and sun set times
David Bray has the following three programs:
– GeoMagnetic Info calculates the magnetic declination, inclination, and magnitude for any location on Earth
– RiseSet calculates the rise, transit and set times for the sun and moon
– Earth displays the portion of the earth presently illuminated by the sun
Miscellaneous astronomical programs from MEW3

There are also various astronomical scripts for the RPN calculator for the Palm:

YMDLib to calculate dates, differences between two dates, does phases of moon also
MEW3 has several astronomic scripts:
– DateCalc calculates the number of days between two dates, the day of the week, the day of the year (uses American date formats)
– DateTimeFN is designed similar to DateCalc above, but has integrated time handling, as well as dates
– DistanceFN calculates the distance (in km) between two points on the earth based on their latitude and longitude
– JulianDayFN calculates the julian day number and the modified julian day number for a date, conversions between decimal hours and hours minutes seconds, and conversion between Julian Days and calendar dates with times.
– MoonFN calculates the age of the moon in days, it’s percent illumination, phase, distance to the moon in kilometers for a given date and time, and the moon’s angular diameter in degrees.
– SunFN computes the time of sun rise and sun set for a location and handles the polar and high latitude cases where the sun may not rise or set on a day.

Palm Products used on Maringret

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Sites to Download Software From

Palm‘s site for operating system software upgrades etc.
Palm Boulevard
PalmPilotGear H.Q.
Palm‘s site for application software (operated by Handago.Com)

Sites to Download eTexts (files containing books or articles) From

Palm E-Text Ring
Peanut Press (now owned by Palm)
PG Reader
Out of copyright books in machine readable form made available by:
Project Gutenberg  (an alternate site for Project Gutenberg)

DOC is the most common eText file format on the Palm (and is used by Palm’s eText reading software PalmReader).

MemoWare has a table of all the Doc reader software available (i.e. the software you will need to use in order to read eTexts)
MemoWare also has a table of the different file formats for eTexts on the Palm

DOC File Format Converting Websites

The following sites convert a web page (say a news page) or site into a DOC file:

Poor Mojo – converts a web page and leaves the DOC file on its website where you download it from
Screwdriver – converts a web page and lets you save it on your local disk
Sitescooper – converts a web page or website (note: Sitescooper requires the Perl scripting environment to function)

E-zines & Magazines

Hand Held Computer magazine
PalmPilot e-zine
Piloteer magazine
PalmPower magazine
PDA info from Ziff Davis magazines

Miscellaneous Sites

Palm‘s home page
Sony’s new PEG-N760C Palm-OS handheld with Memory Stick compatibility for up to 11 hours of music
Palm developer site
HandEra and TRG Palm products
Wade and Warren’s Pilot Programming FAQ
Calvin’s PalmPilot FAQ
Palm site Sverige (English and Swedish)
TealPoint Software
(Pilot) Alternate Software Developers Kit (2000)
Palm Pilot – Java VM (2000)

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