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World Meterological Organization (WMO)

  • World Weather Information Service
    The page above is provided under the auspices of the UN WMO and provides an index to the national weather services around the world. Marine forecasts are then possibly provided by the relevant national meterological body website.

The World Meterological Organization (WMO) then provides access to the following:

  • The Severe Weather Information Centre which has links to the regional Tropical Cyclone Warning Centres as well a link to:
  • Severe Weather information Centre Gale Warnings
  • Weather warnings – Europe (meteoalarm) which lists severe weather warnings for all of Europe (most warnings are land based)
  • The Global Marine Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) (AKA Safety At Sea) operated by The Joint Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) provides the marine weather information broadcast via SafetyNET, some information broadcast by NAVTEX and common abbreviations for International NAVTEX. Information on navigational warnings, including warnings for some of them, may be found on the NAVAREA co-ordinators websites through this website.


WindGuru is a great site. It provides access to a number of different weather models which can be selected from to provide 7 day wind forecasting for any place on the globe (as well as wave forecasting for some areas)! With a free signon ID you can save your own list of locations so whenever you sign on you immediately have forecasts for your favourite locations. In addition there is also a free app to run on the Android which duplicates the information display of the webpage. Well recommended! Features include:

  • forecasts from NOAA grib files every 6 hours
  • ability to add new forecast points (custom spots)
  • ability to collect spots (either custom or standard) into forecast sets which groups the forecasts for a route, there by allowing one refresh to update all spots on the route
  • complimentary app for Android
  • ability to export KML files for spots so they can be loaded into other KML-compliant programs

We have put some notes together for ourselves on how to manage the data in WindGuru, click here.

Note: Although GRIB files offer amazing features they do have limitations and persons unfamiliar with these are well advised to read the GRIB articles we have linked below (click here).

Another great world wide weather site is Windy which has some of the most impressive graphics in the weather business. A usage note is that the user interface seems to vary across different devices (Android, iOS, Macintosh, Windows) which can make it a bit perplexing to use.

Europe (all sites are in English except where noted)


Black Sea, Sea of Marmara & Aegean Sea


As the British government turns the Met Office into a “pay as you go” profit centre, it is reassuring to know that their weather fax information (which they have now stopped sending out) is available from a German site:


US Misc

US Navy

The Naval Oceanography Portal has the following pages:


Various Weather Links

Personal (i.e. Pay to use) Weather Services

Weather by Shortwave Radio

RTTY (Radio Teletype)

There is quite a bit of information available for RTTY but not very much specific to Marine Weather RTTY


GRIB Files

GRIB files are generated by large computer programs called “weather models”, virtually all the internet weather sites use the same data generated by the GFS model run by the NOAA in the United States. This model runs every 6 hours and produces data to cover the globe. As a consequence all sites are using the same numerical data and preference is based on which site presents the data most conveniently or possibly provides additional analysis or prediction. The WindGuru website has a good overview of the different weather models that are used to forecast the weather. It covers the strengths and weaknesses of the different models as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using weather models as opposed to human based forecasting (click here for details). To fully understand GRIB files it is best to have an understanding of the models that generate them.

  • Frank Singleton’s What Are GRIB Files? at
  • GRIB on Wikipedia which has a list of over 20 programs that manage GRIB files
  • zyGrib free GRIB software for Macintosh and other computers

HF Radio Email (eMail by Shortwave Radio)

Satelite Communication

Satellite phones can offer online access for weather information but can be expensive to operate.

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