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On this page we have listed a variety of  websites that we have found useful in our route research and planning. We have listed the year of the passage where we can as information does age. Also for the websites that are not in English we have listed the language. When we started this website, language problems were much more significant but with the advent of Google Translation a vast increase of information has become available. The output from the translation service is slightly stilted and usually rich in mistakes based on homonyms and synonyms but with minimal time the meaning and intent of the prose can be discerned.


Rhine, Main Danube Canal, Danube

In preparing to cross Europe we accumulated many links then when we were on the waterways we accumulated more. As there are a lot of links and also because these waterways are much less travelled we have put the Rhine-Danube links onto a separate page located here.

Black Sea

The Black Sea is not as remote as the Danube with respect to information available on cruising, but it is much less documented (and travelled) than it’s close neighbour the Mediterranean. Consequently we have put our links that proved to be of use here.

Black Sea – Web Sites

Black Sea – Logs



Atlantic Crossings

Date is date of last update or end of passage

  • Rusalka Mist, a Vancouver 28 cutter, crosses both ways: pages on preparation, passage and observations (2000)
  • Oasis, a Tayana 37, crosses east to west: menu plans for crossing (2001)

Cruisers’ Sites

  • we no longer have a link for S/Y Victoria Pacific Circumnavigation – hopefully they will show up again
  • Bill Dietrich on Magnolia, a Gulfstar 44: Bill Dietrich has collected an amazing amount of information here, over 20 years
  • Long Passages, a Shannon 38: equipment, budgets, preparation, lessons learned, boat modifications – [“” seems to have disappeared as of 2020]
  • News group via – the news group seem to be static now

Our Other Resource Pages

Food links
Sailing links
Weather resources

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