Maintenance – Anchor Chain Marking

With more than 150 nights a year at anchor, there is wear and tear on the ground tackle system.

Maringret’s safety often depends on her anchoring system. There are 5 components in the system:

  • anchor
  • anchor-chain connector
  • chain
  • windlass
  • snubbing lines

Each component is checked during the off season.


Other than through deformation, there is little to go wrong with an anchor.

Anchor-Chain Connector

We have seen many boats using a simple shackle between the anchor and the chain. That is fine is the shackle is rated for the holding strength required. Maringret uses a specially cast connector from Kong of Italy.

Our annual check is a visual inspection and then disassembling the connector. When we reassemble it we pack the threads with water proof grease.


Maringret has 75m of 10mm chain. The chain she came to us with was of unknown age, and had 2 “joining” links where original links had failed. Each year we washed the chain and inspected the links. This is how we found the 2 links that were replaced with “joining” links. Some years the “joining” links were completely corroded, other years they appeared fine.

The main activity after inspecting the chain is to reapply the paint marking and cable ties. Different boats use different systems for marking chain lengths: painted marking and cable ties are two of the most common. Maringret uses both.

Most of the abrasion and wear is in the middle section of the chain. There is no benefit to removing any remnants of old paint, so we use red and yellow spray paint and reapply the markings. We use the markings in the following diagram, the “∆” character represents a single cable tie.



Our annual windlass maintenance is located here.

Snubbing Lines

Maringret has 2 snubber lines made from 20mm polypropylene. They are visually inspected for wear and tear.

  • a season of anchoring constantly removes the marking on the anchor chain

With the annual maintenance our ground tackle performs well and is easy to use.

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