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The Maxi 95 is one of the very popular Maxi boats, designed by Swedish Olympic medalist Pelle Petterson.

Raised south of the Swedish west coast city of Gothenburg, Pelle Petterson won local and then national titles (four time in a row) before taking the bronze medal in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. Trained in industrial design in both the US and Italy, Petterson designed numerous things before turning to boat design. His designs include the Volvo P1800 which was featured in the 1960s TV show “The Saint” with Roger Moore. His first success was with the Maxi 77 of which 3,745 were made. It’s larger sister ship was the subsequently designed Maxi 95 of which close to 1,500 were made. Petterson continued with a number of models of the Maxi, his company was finally merged with Nimbus Boats of Sweden in the 1990s. His involvement with racing continued with events such as the 1977 America’s Cup challenger series where he lost to the Australians who eventually went on to win the America’s Cup in the 1980s.

The Maxi 95 was designed to accommodate a family safely and comfortably and also to sail well, the design realised all three goals. Production started in 1972 and continued into the 1980s with incremental improvements occurring each year. Manufacturing was based on the west coast of Sweden and around Lake Vnern which lies 100 km north east from the city of Gothenburg (additional descriptions can be found in our translation of the original Owners Manual). As fibreglass was a new material for boat construction, the moldings were made much thicker (and stronger) than todays productions. Osmosis is rather unknown to most yachts from that era when extra catalyst was added for extra strength. This means that the 20 year old Maxi boats are still structurally strong and ready to continue. Engines and other accessories may wear out and need replacement but the hulls continue to serve well.

The sail mark for the Maxi 95 is: 

We have assembled some of the sales brochures for the Maxi 95:

We have also collected various images of the Maxi 95 (most of which is from old sales brochures):

We have translated (most of) the original Maxi 95 Owner’s Manual from Swedish to English. Although most Maxi 95s will have been changed over the year as items were replaced or repaired this manual sheds an interesting light onto the original description of the boat as it was delivered from Maxi AB of Sweden.

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