Maringret Projects (Hallberg-Rassy 41)

Every boat entails maintenance and often, if the owners decide, also improvements. This page describes some of our projects, what resources such as books and magazine articles we found, where we found supplies and tricks we either found out or others shared with us. Below is the chronological list of projects: if there is a link then we have had time to write up the project. As time becomes available we will try and get pages written for allour projects – starting with the major ones.

Earlier projects on Maxi 95

Winter 2003-2004










  • NASA Weatherman installation
  • Replaced saloon cushions
  • Replaced aft cabin cushion
  • Second set of midship cleats
  • Galley LED spot lights
  • Galley fiddles
  • Liferaft holder
  • Bowsprit boarding ladder
  • Ankorlina for stern anchor
  • Galley garbage containers
  • Security companionway
  • Security hatch grids
  • Engine Room door closure
  • Anchor chain grabbers
  • Propeller shaft brake
  • Commissioned Hydrovane and fabricated “short” vane

And off into the blue yonder…

Once we were cruising we were just as busy as before we departed, except that instead of 95% of the time going to upgrades and 5% on maintenance, the split became 95% of the time on maintenance and 5% on upgrades. And maintenance just doesn’t read as well as upgrades…




  • Painted chain
  • Replaced prop shaft (necessitated removing the engine)


  • Painted chain
  • Fabricated stainless swim ladder
  • Fabricated stainless bow ladder
  • Rebuilt raw water pump


  • Painted chain
  • Replaced main anchor chain, also new anchor chain connector
  • Switched to our 15 kg Spade anchor as primary anchor
  • Raised water line
  • Re-caulked the toerail
  • Replaced stainless cable in davits
  • Replaced saloon seat cushions
  • Replaced failed NorthStar depth sounder with EchoPilot depth sounder
  • Installed NASA WiFi wind instrument
  • Upgraded solar panels from 150W to 300W
  • Wired inverter directly to computer outlet to avoid shore power losses
  • Replaced normal gas hoses on Hayward Gas System with plastic coated stainless hoses
  • Replaced Jabsco toilet (except bowel)
  • Purchased 3-stage water filtration system
  • Rebuilt raw water pump (again)
  • Rigged solar shower on mizzen mast


  • Painted chain
  • Painted Spade anchor
  • Relocated wash-down pump from forepeak to anchor locker
  • Dis-assembled windlass and base from deck to check for corrosion
  • Serviced windlass

  • and of course with projects and new installations, comes the maintenance. We covered ours here.
  • our usage feedback is covered here

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