We had seen other boats with barbeques but had never been involved with them.

As part of a slow and tedious delivery of our galley stove (click here for details) we were able to purchase a Magma stainless steel barbeque at cost.

We initially got our barbeque to fill in for our delayed stove during the summer months. We fashioned a tripod base for it from some stainless bar and were soon using it on the ground. Friends in the boatyard seemed to be gravitating to it once it was lit. The Magnum is very well built and functions very well.

this must be the world’s coldest barbecue picture – yes that is ice on the barbecue


We had a mounting bracket fashioned so that it was positioned overboard, mounted off the davits. To cover all possibilities we had a mounting for the bracket fashioned for each side.

  • for a moving boat the mounting must be solid as no one wants red hot coals loose on the deck
  • there can be some dripping from it depending on what is being cooked, having the barbeque overboard avoids any greasy mess on the deck
  • we also have a tripod base to use it ashore

The Magnum barbeque has worked flawlessly since we purchased it.

  • Magma barbecue products

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