Hatches Replacement

The hatches on Maringret were going on 30 years old and although still water tight, they could not be locked on vent.

Keeping a boat fresh smelling in warmer climates depends on exchange of air. The hatch design from 1976 did not permit locking the hatches in a “venting” position like the Lewmar hatches we had fitted to the Maxi 95. Also we were intending to install a new hatch in the aft cabin (click here for details). In addition the factory fitted hatches were rather crazed by the time we got Maringret.

We had anticipated selling the old hatches on eBay once we removed them, perfect for someone restoring a period boat we thought. What we hadn’t allowed for was the adhesive used by the factory. We had everything from razor knives to ultrasonic saws to putty knives but nothing could separate the frames from the moldings without buckling the metal frame. After a lot of hours we resigned ourselves to not getting the mounting frame off intact but that didn’t really speed the task up that much. We finally removed the old hatches but they weren’t really anything we could sell or even give away. The factory adhesive was so tenacious that some pieces of the gelcoat came away before the glue broke.

  • all the old hatches have been removed
  • the replacement hatches for the saloon and forward head have been fitted
  • the forepeak hatch has not yet been fitted although the main mounting holes where the hinges are have been drilled
  • we used bolts for the holes on each side of the hinges and screws in all the other holes

The Lewmar Ocean range hatches are slightly different in size but still fit the factory molded hatch plinths. The Lewmar mounting flanges are slightly narrower and some places where the gelcoat had broken off were now visible and had to repaired with gelcoat. Aside from that Sikaflex will fill in any small discrepancies.

  • the original hatches were permanently bonded onto the boat

  • all the large hatches have been water tight from their installation
  • the small hatch over the head had a leak in the rubber gasket, Lewmar sent us a complete replacement unit when we sent them pictures of the faulty unit

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