Maringret came with a two burner Eno stove which was not the original factory supplied oven.

After visiting other boats while out cruising we knew we wanted a Force 10 stove, friends had them and our sister boat Ondine had one. Our Eno was starting to show her age and acting up a bit. We knew were going to replace the galley and that adapting the stove bay to a wider stove (should we need to) would not be a major problem as part of the rebuilding.

We ordered the 3-burner model. This provided an extra burner over the 2-burner model and allowed for one large pot with two regular ones. Had we ordered the 4-burner we would have had capacity for four normal pots but fitting a larger pot on would not have been as easy.

This is the Force 10 3-burner stove in place: ig41_force10Stove The stove fit in the stove bay perfectly, this picture shows the stove with the old galley around it. The 4 pieces of light coloured wood and the wood underneath were a frame we made to contain the stove while the old galley was still in place. When the new galley was ready, the stove and gimbals fit in perfectly.

While we had the stove bay emptied we decided to replace the Formica lining of the stove bay with sheet stainless steel (click here for details). At the same time we replaced the gas system (click here for details).

The stove has been flawless from the first day. The fitting was not quite as successful as Force 10 had just been bought out by Plastimo (never a good sign) and depended on localisation of gas fittings by the importer. As in our case this was now Plastimo we got nothing, we had a stove but could not connect it to the gas supply. This dragged on for weeks as Plastimo worked through their inexhaustible supply of excuses. The chandlery we ordered through finally gave us a barbeque at cost so we could cook some food – luckily we ordered the stove in the summer (click here for details on the barbecue). Finally Plastimo passed the blame to Calor Gas in the UK. It turned out that only one person in that whole company knew what part was required. We finally tracked him down and he had the piece sent out. For such an excellent product this was some of the poorest customer service we have experienced.

The stove has worked flawlessly.

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