Teak & Holly

The factory fitted floorboards on the HR 41 are plywood made from teak. They are very strong and very durable but not very nicely finished. A sister boat had fitted teak & holly onto the galley floorboards and it looked very good.

This is actually the story of a project which we did and then threw out as we were not pleased with the results. We made tracings of all the floorboards using regular brown paper used for packing. We then fitted thetemplates onto sheets of commercially produced teak & holly flooring. The plan was to cut out the shapes and then epoxy them onto the existing floorboards. As is always the way with boats, very few corners were 90 degree corners and so we spent a lot of time setting up jigs for using the router to cut the different pieces. In the end it didn’t look too bad.is41_teakAndHolly

This was about the time when Piff and Poof arrived and started to play in the boat. The funny thing was they seemed to be more afraid of us initially then they were of the router. They would sit beside the operating router watching the sawdust spray off with out a care. But as soon as we switched off the router and moved to get something they were off like a shot.

The reason for the digression about the cats arriving is that as we laid the teak & holly panels down (we never got as far as epoxying any of them) we noticed that the cats playing on them were scarring the teak & holly. In fact the veneer was so thin that it became apparent that it was  waste of effort to continue and try to fit all the panels. So we gave the cut panels away to other boats who needed pieces to fit out small areas. We cautioned each one of them not to mount it where there would be any foot traffic on it.

  • possibly different teak & holly products are of different quality, but certainly the one we purchased was only good for walls and ceilings (i.e. places feet will never be)

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