Maringret Projects (Maxi 95)

Every boat entails maintenance and often, if the owners decide, also improvements. This page describes some of our projects, what resources such as books and magazine articles we found, where we found supplies and tricks we either found out or others shared with us.

Summer 1998 Projects

In August 1998 we had a new Yanmar 2GM20 engine installed replacing the Volvo Penta MD2B which originally came with the Maxi 95s. We also fitted a triple blade prop and immediately noticed the difference in handling in close quarters.

Winter 1998-1999 Projects

In the spring of 1999 we had some major work performed on our Maxi 95:

Summer 1999 Projects

During the 1999 summer we improved our anchoring system (which hadn’t worked very well) and replaced most of the electrical wiring:

Winter 1999-2000 Projects

Summer 2000 Cruising

Winter 2000-2001 Projects

Summer 2001 Cruising

Winter 2001-2002 Projects

Summer 2002 Projects

Summer 2002 Cruising

Winter 2002-2003 Projects

Summer 2003 Projects

Summer 2003 Cruising

Subsequent projects on Hallberg-Rassy 41

  • and of course with projects and new installations, comes the maintenance. We covered ours here.
  • our usage feedback is covered here

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