Aft Cabin Cushions

In 2000 we replaced the 20 year old saloon cushions and found the difference so great that we ended up sleeping in the saloon for most of the season due to the great improvement in comfort. In order to return to sleeping in the Aft-Cabin, we decided that it should receive similar treatment.

One problem we had had with the original cushions in the aft-cabin was that the join between the cushions was in the middle, consequently you would often end up with one shoulder down on the fibreglass molding (uncomfortable to say the least). So we decided to change the cushion design from:


We were going to have one large cushion instead of the two “legs” as separate cushions until the company manufacturing the cushions pointed out that there is no way you can get a fitted sheet to adhere to a concave section of the cushion. Pretty obvious I suppose but we hadn’t thought of that when we were deciding how to improve the aft-cabin cushions. It was a bit tight getting the larger cushion through the aft-cabin companionway but it’s not something you do that often. We made sure to order two layers of material on the bottom: one that allowed air to circulate and the other that was a mildew barrier. The cushion now extends from edge to edge without any breaks in the main section. The new cushion design necessitated us putting a plywood fill segment to support the new cushion area (it works just the same as the fill in sections in the forepeak cushions).

After one season we removed the two “leg” cushions from the boat due to lack of use.

The improvement in sleeping accommodation is immediately noticeable, both having new cushions to sleep on and also not having joins where the widest part of your body is (a sure recipe for discomfort). Having the larger cushion area also makes you feel that you are in the aft-cabin of a much larger boat.

As we now can (and do) sleep abeam on the new cushion, we have realised that we need not have specified the two “legs” on the cushion (that the fabricator wisely suggested be detachable). This means there are two more storage areas available without encroaching on the sleeping area. The only caveat is that the access lid to the locker below the berth must be preserved (although we do not store anything that might be needed quickly in these lockers).

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