Cockpit Cover

One thing absent from the Maxi 95 that is present on larger centre cockpit boats is a covered passageway between the saloon and the aft cabin. So on those dark and rainy nights, its out into the elements to make the dash. And if nature calls during the night, well then you at least know they way back to the saloon… In isolated anchorages on lovely warm summer evenings this is not so much of a problem. But in cityside crowded marinas when the temperature is a bit cooler?

While traveling during the summer of 2000 we saw and were onboard quite a few boats who had cockpit covers. Of course as each cockpit is different the covers must also be different. On top of that, of the Maxi 95s we visited there were no two cockpit covers alike. We collected ideas from these and in the fall of 2000 ordered ours. Due to variations in the Maxi 95 model and changes that happened from year to year during the production Maringret had to be measured and templates cut that would fit the boat exactly. We took delivery in February 2001 and the cockpit fit exactly. These pictures were taken while Maringret was still out of the water, we’ll try to get some once we are afloat where the perspective will be a bit more “normal”.

aft view from ground

port aft view from ground

starboard aft view from ground

forward view from deck level

forward view from above deck level
Note: the pictures above were taken with the PalmPix.

starboard side view from water level

Note: the picture above was taken with a Samsung 35mm camera, and transferred to CD-ROM in JPEG format when the film was developed. (The film has also been attacked with PhotoShop to remove the ketch lying on the far side of Maringret)

Within days of installing the cockpit cover, it became indispensable. The change in the livability of the boat was amazing. Another very bright, very large living area was added to the boat. Moving from the aft-cabin to the saloon was without the trauma “weather” trauma. Being able to work under cover on boat projects makes all the difference. Spring shower come and go without impacting your lifestyle. We consider this expenditure on of our best.

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