Sterling Marine Power Management Panel

This photo is a closeup of the positive terminal of our engine starting battery. The terminal is a gold plated 8mm post from Maplin Electronics. It may sound expensive but the price is the same as for an ordinary battery terminal post. Having a post terminal greatly simplifies connections as the wing nut is simply backed off and the eye of the new cable placed over the post. By using a gold plated post concerns with corrosion are removed as gold is non-corroding. The bar extending from the battery post in the bottom left of the picture up towards the top center is the shunt used by the power management system. The shunt is a piece of precision milled stainless steel, by measuring the minor voltage drop encountered across the metal shunt the current passing through the shunt and therefore the cable can be determined. The Sterling power management system can read up to 4 amperages, a shunt must be purchased for each measurement location (one comes with the unit). This picture was taken underneath the cockpit which has poor lighting, hence the graininess of this photo.

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